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NOTE:  Blue underlined text is a link to the photo album.


The July 2010 dinner ride will be remembered as a daring ride to an excellent location with fabulous cuisine.

With ominous storm clouds threatening an imminent deluge, the Knights met at the usual location. We were blessed with good luck and made it out to the Butler Inn in Pewaukee with nary a drop falling on us.

The staff there had a long table arrangement ready for us, and in no time we were being treated to generous orders of saganaki, which is a flaming goat cheese appetizer. Yummy!

The Butler Inn is definitly a place to go for delicious steak, which seemed to be the choice of a vast majority of our table and the patrons that were seated around us.

In attendance at our table were Mark Meyer, Dan Schmerse, Pat and Ted Engelbart, Pete Simet, Chuck Homa, Bob Barr, and Mike Zivicki.

By the time we were ready to leave, the sun had even poked out, which made for a dry ride home.


Below is a link to some pictures of Blue Knight members and friends having brunch at the Millhome Inn near Kiel.  Again Pete Simet & Bob Barr did a terrific job of picking out another good restaurant and establishing the scenic route to get there. 

The group, Pete Simet; Bob Barr; Big Steve & Monica; Jim & Debbie Bagurdes; Scott Wysocki; Mike Zivicki; Eddie Kunicki and his girlfriend Sue; Conrad Zvara; Kevin Porter; Mark & Patty Meyer; Gary & Mary Davey; Paul Serdynski and his girlfriend Jane and Chuck Homa left the park and ride lot at 10:00am and they met Pat and I and two friends of ours (Lance & Karen) in Grafton.  We then all road together to the Millhome Inn and settled down for the delicious brunch.  Pat and I had to leave rather quickly after the brunch as one of our friends felt some ill effects from his partying at a wedding the night before.

NOTE : Chuck told me that he had more time than me as a Director and therefore he delegated me to do this article.

As Always  RWP - Ted

Click Here for Photos of the September Brunch Ride


To my fellow Blue Knights, I was volunteered to compose the article about The Fall Color ride led  by Pete Simet.
First of all I would like to thank Pete for finding and leading us on yet another wonderful ride. A special, very special thanks to his daughter Katie, for the great photos and power point presentation (I think that is what it's called) of the ride. The power point presentation is attached.   Katie, your dad taught you the computer well. (lol)

Sunday, 10-10-10, who would have thought the weather forecast would be in the high seventies and sunny. The weather was so nice that my wife, Kathy went on this ride, so you know the weather was nice. Pete, Katie, Scott Wysocki and I did a test run of this ride 2 weeks prior and it was 50 degrees, cloudy, misty and pretty much miserable. Katie said that when she got home she was frozen. But I digress.

Attending this wonderful ride was:

Pete and Katie Simet, Eddie Kunicki, Chuck and Kathy Homa, Steve Schultz, Wendell and Charisie Kendrick, Roger and Jeannie Arnesen, Bob Barr, Andre and Kristi Bleichardt, Ted and Pat Engelbart, Al Schoessow, Mike and Cindy Stroessner, George Markopolos, Kim Fisher Waliszewski, Chad Stiles, Rick and Diane Miller, Carl Karwacki, Janis Smolinski, Tom Listinky, Will Parzyszek, Scott Miller and guests, Jim Backes, and Mike Zvicki, Kevin Porter and Chris and their friend, Bob from Lannon (and possibly the new owner of my bike), and other guests.  Gary Davey was at the meeting spot but couldn't start off on the ride. Mary, I hope you are feeling better.

Now about the ride. You might know that I have adopted the nickname of WWII (Wrong Way 2) (Dennis Hafeman is WW1) so I won't be able to tell you all the roads we were on. We left the Park and Ride at promptly 10am and went north on 45 to West Bend where the scenic ride started. Winding roads, color and beautiful scenery followed. We stopped in Dundee for gas where a Ford Model T club also stopped to glue their parts back on their machines. Due to the large number of riders, the line at the rest room was long (thank God I didn't have to go, believe it or not) and our stop was a little longer than expected. When leaving Dundee, we passed the 'Home Makeover' home. Continuing on, we passed 'Road America' and the 'SOMEBODY'S COOKING JOHNSONVILLE BRATS' plant.

Instead of me trying to tell you how nice this ride was, I will quote two of our members, "this ride was just great...this was my wife's first and won't be our last. Those who didn't make it, missed out." (Stroessner)  "In over 30 years of riding through Wisconsin, this was the best colorama Pat and I have ever been on" (Engelbart). And finally, a quote from me, "ditto"(Homa).

 We ended up at the Town and Country golf club in Sheboygan and were warmly greeted by the staff.

We enjoyed a great brunch and even I liked the $11.99, all you can eat price. Although I liked the price, I elected to sit at Pete's table, thinking he was buying. I BLEW IT.  The people sitting at George's table were treated. Thanks George, next time you do that--let me know.

I would just like to add that I have never been disappointed in following Pete, Bob Barr or Kevin Porter in any rides they lead. Thanks guys-  all y'all (that's plural for y'all) do a great job.

Well, that's all I can remember as of right now due to *CRS and because as a Director of this great club my wages are so low that I will end this story now. C U ALL at the next ride or meeting. I love you man, and HUGS to the women.


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