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2009 Events
NOTE:  Blue underlined text is a link to the photo album.

Pete, Paul, Kris, Mark, Kevin, Bob, Jim, Chuck & Scott 3-22-09
Our first brunch ride of the 2009 season is now under our belts, along with the good food and  good times.  Present were Pete Simet, Paul Serdinski, Kris Hennen, Mark Meyer, Kevin Porter, Bob Barr, Jim Bagurdes, Chuck Homa, Scott Wysocki and (not pictured) Cody Porter, Al Schoessow, Wendy Schoessow, Ted Englebart and Pat Englebart.  It was a beautiful sunny day and after a brief discussion between Pete and Bob about adult sized clothes and who would lead the ride, our safety officer led us on our way out to the Mineshaft.  We had a great ride that even included a tour of the Fox & Hounds parking lot along the way.  While at the Mineshaft our old friend Jim Dunn stopped by and spent some time with us.  A screaming child nearby almost caused an early end to the friendly atmosphere but dad stepped in just before Kevin exploded.  With everyone sufficiently gorged we headed out and were back on the road.  See you on the next ride!
The May 2009 dinner ride was blessed with beautiful mid-60's and sunny weather. Pete Simet led our group to Gus's cantina on Hwy. 100 in Franklin. Also along for the ride were Joe and Donni Kubicek, Bob Barr, Chuck Homa, Scott Wysocki, and Mike Zivicki. The cuisine at Gus's was 'mui bien' and Gus himself was there with a cordial greeting for our group. A short jaunt afterwards finished a very enjoyable day.
The Blue Knights WI VI salute all of our veterans and thank them for their service!

June 28, 2009 Brunch Ride
Our June 28th brunch ride was very successful.  Despite some of the group being blown off course by the high winds, they arrived at Highway Harry's first and a good time was had by all.  In attendance were; Chuck Homa, Kevin Porter, Kris Hennen, Cody Porter, Gary Davey, Mary Davey, Paul Serdynski, Tina Chappell, Dave Evenstad, Dennis Hafeman, Ted & Pat Englebart, Larry Thompson, Bob Barr, Mike Zivicki, Jim & Deb Bagurdes and Mark & Patty Meyer

2009 International Convention
July 19-24, 2009
Louisville, KY
The International Convention was well attended by WI VI this year and many friends, old & new, were there as well.  If you have a picture or two you'd like to share please E-mail me!



Paul Serdynski

On Sunday 8/16/09 six brave souls Pete Simet, Paul Serdynski, Bob Barr, Conrad Zvara and two guests, Steve and Monica Schultz  assembled at the usual brunch assembly point for what looked like a hot wet ride for brunch in Sheboygan County.  We rode to the second meet point at Highway 60 and Granville road.  But Ted wimped out on us because he said it was pouring rain in Hustisford.  I guess he doesn’t have raingear or he was afraid he was going to melt if he got wet. 

The sky was dripping but not too bad.  We made the decision to press on with our rain gear on.  We didn’t need it and we had a great ride to the restaurant in Kiel Wisconsin.  Pete only got lost once. The Champaign brunch was great for $11.95 even without the Champaign.  On the trip back Bob Barr diverted us to his farm in Sheboygan County and gave us a tour.  He recounted the history of the farm for us. We particularly enjoyed the stories about the two gay guys that paid the taxes by growing and selling flowers and were the most recent owners.  Bob said priests and nuns also used the place for a retreat house.   I don’t think they were there at the same time. 

In West Bend the rain hit us for about ten minutes.  That’s what they make rain gear for.  All in all a great ride with great people.  You should have been there!

UPDATE 8-18-09 by Ted:  Well, we actually started to meet everybody, but when my umbrella flew off my bike it broke and I was unable to repair it.  So Al, Wendy, Pat & I took the cage to went to church……………. 


It wasn't a long ride but boy is my ??? sore!

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