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Blue Knights Wisconsin VI

Packers VS. Bears

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Ah, what sad times are these!  It is with wailing and gnashing of teeth that I begin my column for October.  The Ten Plagues of Egypt are mere inconveniences when compared to the indignation I must sadly report to you all.  The bad news I bear is this: The Crying Towel has returned to our humble chapter!!!


Sunday, October 7 was the first meeting of the Packers and the Bears, and the kickoff of the eleventh year of the Crying Towel Classic.  And what a day!  The weather was spectacular; 80’s, sunny and dry.  Fifteen from our chapter made the trip to Waukegan this year, and I’m proud to say all on two wheels.  New to the Illinois venue were Chuck Homa, Scott Wysocki, Bob Barr, Steve Bdzusek and Brenda, and Julian Gonzales.   Joe and Doni Kubicek, “Tiny”, Nick and Patti Kindt, Carl “Wacko” and “Princess Runs with Scissors” Janis, Laura and I rounded out the veteran WI VI campaigners.  Mac and the boys of ILL X had reserved a section of bleachers, and after a tasty meal of roast hog and some green and gold libations it was time to get down to business.  Our beloved Packers struck first, and it looked like we were going to give the Bears a mauling.  But it’s been said sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you.  In this case a last minute touchdown served up a big slice of Packer loss for our ursine foe’s repast, which is always hard to swallow.  Final score: Bears 27 Packers 20.  But a bitterer pill was yet to come, and it was served with relish by our gloating hosts.  Joe, “Tiny” and I stood before a victory sated ILL X and accepted the Crying Towel, with Joe manfully wearing the Pink Tiara of Shame.  So, with heavy hearts we bore the Crying Towel back home, with the fervent hopes of sending it back to our Flatland Friends on December 23.  Revenge is a dish best served cold, so bring your appetite and come watch the rematch!


Now we all know that Nature can be a mother, and sometimes the lady can dazzle us with her beauty.  Her evil streak came out on October 14, with her giving us weather for our annual fall colors ride that would have drown a duck.  The rescheduled ride on October 21 turned out to be a spectacular day.  Well, at least the little I got to see of it was.  As my luck would have it, I got stuck working overtime that morning and missed this fantastic and very well attended ride.  You can read all about it in roving reporter Wacko’s article. 


At the last meeting I told the membership that a starter kit for a new Wisconsin chapter in the Wisconsin Dells was sent out.  I’m happy to report that WI XVIII chartered on October 25.  Welcome to our newest Wisconsin Blue Knights chapter.


That’s all I have for you this month.  Remember to get your chapter dues in before the January 15, 2008 cut off date.  Renew early and beat the rush.


Lost in America,

“Wrongway” Dennis


Some of our members cheering on the Pack


Ugh.....Bears 27, Packers 20


Return of the towel. And what's that thing on Joe's head?


Still friends after that sad defeat.

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