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June 15 - 17th, 2007

(Excerpt taken from the newsletter)

A week later it was off to Waupaca for the annual Wisconsin State Convention, hosted by the members of WI V (Fox Valley). This was the maiden voyage for "Bonnie Blue" (Yeah, Laura named my bike), so I was determined to do a gentle break in. Laura and I were meeting up with "Tiny" and Patti in Johnson Creek for a leisurely ride up north. "Tiny" chose Hwy 49, which unknown to us was under serious construction just south of Ripon. Twelve miles of gravel and mud, and let me tell you there were two hogs and a couple of pigs that weren't happy in the slop. Kiss riding in with shiny bikes goodbye! WI VI's entourage was rounded out with Joe and Doni Kubicek, "Wacko" and Janis, Bill and Cindy Drees, Brian Bortmess, and Tina Chappell. With only five members of WI X present, the evening was more sedate than past State Conventions (also owing to the concussion "Tiny" gave Steve Yedica when he hit him in the head with my bike).

After a morning long rain, the skies cleared enough to do some riding. WI V put on a scavenger hunt/poker run that was a good way of seeing the area while building your poker hand. As usual, we held a business meeting Saturday night, which was my first as State Rep. Highlights from the meeting: presidents or designated voting members were present from WI II, WI IV, WI V, WI VI, WI VIII, WI IX, WI X, and WI XI, with members from ILL V and ILL X present as guests (non-voting). From your Rep: There are currently 14 chapters in Wisconsin, with no new starter kits being taken out. Contact has been reestablished with the Spooner Police Chief who took out a starter kit in 2005. WI XII (West Bend) has reorganized and we’re hoping to see them down the road. WI XVI (Lancaster) went out of business, and efforts are being made to find out why. There is interest by Bill Drees and State Member at Large Clyde Cahoon in starting a chapter in Baraboo. WI XI President Clint Cagle is our MoSac Officer, as well as the State Safety Officer for the GLRC. WI II (Watertown) will be hosting the 2009 Spring GLRC. The State Fund has $697.06 in it, having earned $20.47 in interest. The CD it is invested in was renewed, and will be cashed in for different reinvestment on 12/17/07. KY II will be the only chapter bidding for the 2009 International, and it looks like it'll be held in Owensboro, KY. After some discussion the chapter presidents addressed the issue of the dates of future State Conventions, and the problems of having them on Father's Day weekend. It was decided that in the future the host chapter will have the option of having the State Convention on the weekend immediately before or after Father's Day weekend. The host chapter will have until Labor Day to announce the date of the convention. This change will allow more flexibility in planning and hopefully will allow more members to attend. WI VI will host the 2008 State Convention. Brian Bortmess and "Tiny" volunteered to research campgrounds in the area, as it was pointed out that a change of scenery from Waupaca would be nice. So start thinking about how you can help our chapter put on the convention next year! I won't bore you with any more, but if you are interested in the blow by blow details, just drop me a line and I'll fill you in. The title of "Hog Master" goes to Joe Kubicek and his lovely passenger Doni for winning the skills competition, defeating second place team "Wacko" and "Princess Runs with Scissors" by a snout. Bill Drees had the dubious honor of being the "Oldest Rider". I held up my end by being the last man staggering at the end of the night, closing down the beer tent both evenings (hey, play to your strengths).

See you all down the road (and at the International).

Lost in America,

"Wrongway" Dennis


Dennis as the State Rep conducting the business meeting.

Joe giving the international updates.


The chefs of Wi V, Carol King and another member, putting out dinner Friday Night. Great sloppy joes!
Wi VI members who attended the function this year, besides Dennis & Joe.

Carl & Janis

See, we do own and ride our motorcycle!

Bill & Cindy

They're not with their significant other, but they were there too.

Doni & Laura

So far, this is the best picture I have of Tiny & Patti with WI X members.

Tiny & Patti

Are we having fun yet?

Brian & Tina

Pictures are courtesy of Ron so I had to include them on the site. I haven't had time to look at my pictures. Thanks, Ron.

Clint Cagle & Ron Patla

And the STARS of the Show....

Dennis's new bike was one of the hits of the convention, especially after Yedeka bounced his head off the fender trying to battle with Tiny.


Tiny's "screaming eagle" was also a big hit, although everyone wanted to buy them red t-shirts with black spots. Watermelon anyone????


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